Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Think about 'What Makes a Real Life Hero?' #SickKidsHero

Sick Kid's fall campaign, What Makes a Real Life Hero. launched this week! They're using the same commercial and print ads that they did last year, but they give a '1 year later' update on all of the kids in the ads. You really need to take the time and read about each of the stories on the website. Each and every child who is treated at Sick Kids endures much more than what a child should and they really are all heroes. 

It's crazy to see how much Bronson has grown since the commercial was shot a year ago September. He watched it with me earlier today and got excited when he saw "Baby Bronson" with Daddy! 

I know I posted a link to the Sick Kids Foundation last week but they re-launched the website this week and it's all brand new and looks amazing! Go check it out here and think about supporting the hospital. Sick Kids will always be close to our hearts because without it, we wouldn't have Bronson with us today. 

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sillyhappymom said...

I have been following the blog for a while and have been pray along the way..i don't even remember how I came across the blog..everytime I see the commercial I wonder how things are and pray for your family..take care