Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas with both sides of our families. The kids got spoiled and I've been trying to find a home for all the new toys ever since!

We went sledding with Jon's niece's and nephews on Boxing Day. It was Kallie and Bronson's first time sledding and they had huge smiles on their faces...well the smiles lasted until it was too cold and close to nap time.

My family celebrated Christmas on the 27th and it was nice seeing everyone, especially my brother and his girlfriend since we don't see them too often.
I had Only had Christmas and Boxing Day off and worked the weekend before so I feel like the week flew by! New Years we stayed home and had a chocolate fruit fondue with the kids and once they were in bed Jon and I had appetizers. We watched Divk Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve and I LOVED Taylor Swift's performance. She's one talented girl!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas vacation!

Here are some Instagram photos from New Years Day.
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Laurie said...

I know we don't know each other yet...and I don't even remember who's fb post introduced us way back when Bronson was so new.... but I want to wish you all a blessed new year! Your life has impacted mine and my 2 teenage boys. I would read then your updates each night. They still 'know' who Bronson is if I say his name!
You are precious! We can spend eternity together ... and meet there if not before.