Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi, My name is Angela

Hi, I'm Angela. Do you remember me? I seemed to have gotten lost in the blog world!

I know, I know... It's been a month and a half since I last posted anything...
I'm really Sorry! 

I guess I need to give a good recap of what's been going on around here lately.

First, the most exciting thing, is that Bronson is now full out walking! 

Yay Bronson!

Back in June at a physio/occupational therapy check up we were told that Bronson had very weak   legs and ankle support. I was told to buy him good supportive running shoes (no sandals whatsoever) and keep them on him whenever he was weight bearing.... so all the time. 
Literally within 2-3 days of getting him new shoes he started cruising around the furniture! 

Flip ahead to the long weekend in September - 16 months old and he still wasn't walking. Kallie didn't have any medical issues and didn't walk until 15 months old so I wasn't worrying too much about it. But, that long weekend he all of a sudden decided he'd had enough with crawling and hasn't stopped walking. He's a very busy boy and is constantly getting himself into trouble... well, he was getting into everything before but now he can get to things a lot quicker! We're still waiting on a referral to get Bronson into physiotherapy because of his low muscle tone but he's doing pretty good on his own so far!
Over the summer Kallie has become obsessed with all things princess. Princess dresses, princess shoes, princess crowns, princess tutu's. Everyday is dress up day! I'm waiting for Halloween to be over and am going to go get her some dress up outfits on clearance. 
Oh, I love holiday clearance items! 

I don't know where toddlers come up with some ideas from.

Kallie has this new habit of taking off her pants and underwear and trying to put her bare bum on people. It was funny the first couple of times and I laughed... I definitely shouldn't have laughed! It happens way too often now and I have to keep telling her that people don't like to have other people's bums on them. At least it hasn't happened in public yet!

I know it's blurry but he looks waayy too cute here and I had to share it!

Check back on Tuesday (I promise I will be posting a lot more often!) and I'll tell you about Bronson's photo and commercial shoot that happened last week for a Sick Kids campaign! 

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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Jess B said...

Isn't it hilarious when kids do something that they really shouldn't but it's just so darn funny?! Our 2.5 year old is potty training at the moment and yesterday, after finishing her business, she went to everyone in the room (thankfully just us!) and asked if we'd like to see her bottom, before turning around and poking it out! Little cutie. I somehow had to straighten my face and tell her to stop.
PS: Welcome back!