Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Time Away

Last week we went on a road trip to meet some family at a Christian campground.
I also got a chance to meet a few of my blog readers! It was nice meeting those of you in "real life" and chatting. 

It was a great few days away and when we left we felt refreshed. 

I took more pictures on my "real" camera but for now here are my iPhone pics.

It was a 3 hour drive but with a 1 & 2yr old it felt more like a 6 hour drive. 
This the very best toy ever! My Aunt Sue bought it for Bronson and I absolutely love it!
It's a heavy duty iPhone holder called the Appitivity. You can download free toddler geared apps on itunes, play a movie, or anything else you want. There's a plastic piece at the bottom of the screen that protects the round home button on the iPhone from being pressed. 
Love it!

I could easily spend more time here. 

Jon and I took a canoe out for a ride and we quickly learned that there was a hole in the bottom. Every couple of minutes we had to stop to get rid of water (I guess the bucket in the canoe should have tipped us off) but it was still a nice canoe ride. We decided to jump out in the middle of the lake to go swimming and I learned that I lack the skill and finesse of climbing back into a canoe and the next day I had a black and purple bruise on my leg the size of a baseball. 

We spent lots of time with Jon's parents and his sister and her family (right photo - Jon's mom, and Kallie with cousin Emma). We were introduced to a popular local dairy store with delicious ice cream. The store was absolutely packed and after eating my ice cream I understood why!

Kallie has a milk protein allergy and you have no idea how excited I get when we go into an ice cream store and they have sherbert (or sorbet). Thank goodness for those options other wise I would have a very upset two year old! 

Ok, this french onion soup was sooooo good! Just thinking about it now is making me want another bowl of it! 

We are having a great summer so far and I'm sad that it's almost the end of July and the back to school supplies are already flooding the stores. At least we have another whole month of summer to make more memories with!

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