Monday, July 9, 2012

A Build A Bear Adventure

Kallie is a shopper. 

When she wakes up in the mornings she always says, 
"I had a good sleep" 
followed by asking, 
"We go shopping today mama?"

We have a two year old addicted to shopping!

A couple of weeks ago we were getting ready to leave the mall when Kallie said to Jon,
"We go buy toys?"
We aren't the kind of parents who give in to every request for toys nor do we buy our kids something every time we go somewhere but, this time Jon said yes.

So, we walked over to Build-a-Bear.

After much debate (picking a stuffed animal is a big decision!) Kallie choose a giant pink Hello Kitty and patiently waited in line for the stuffing.

She put her toe on the pedal and filled that Hello Kitty up! Then she chose a heart and put it in Hello Kitty's back. 
side note - the next morning I caught her trying to open Hello Kitty up to get the heart out and I had to convince her that Hello Kitty needed that heart to stay inside of her.

All stuffed with fluff and a heart!

We went to the computers to make a birth certificate and when Jon asked Kallie what she wanted to name Hello Kitty she said "Meow Meow". 

Kallie wouldn't let anyone carry her barn with Meow Meow and struggled carrying it all by herself through the mall and out to the car. It was so cute watching her lug that huge box the whole way.

Prior to this we had never done a Build-a-Bear with Kallie because I thought she was always too young for the experience and wouldn't have fun and enjoy it. She loved the experience and I still catch her trying to get that heart out of Meow Meow's back! :)

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