Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Round 2 of Two Week Meal Planning

Two weeks ago I wrote here that I was going to start meal planning. 
I have to admit that my first 2 weeks of meal planning didn't exactly go as smoothly as what I had hoped. 
I did my grocery shopping at the beginning of the 2 weeks and I should have had no problems but....
In that short 2 week period I had 2 fridges break. The first fridge was already broken and we had to use the freezer as the fridge but it died and I lost a whole lot of milk and some meat. 
So, back to the grocery store.
We did get a new (well new to us.. used off of kijiji.ca) fridge and the day after we got it our second fridge in the garage (that had been working fine) gave out and I lost 10 hamburger patties, bread, frozen veggies, 2 chicken breasts, and some pork chops. 
So, back to the grocery store I went. 

Needless to say, I'm frustrated with going grocery shopping and I'm hoping that we don't have any more fridge problems for a long time! My new/used fridge is working great so far! :) 

Here's what my meals look like for this week and next...

Last time I posted about meal planning I mentioned that I would post my recipe for Chicken Enchilada Casserole but because of my fridge issues I never got around to making it. As long as my fridge keeps working (I'm counting on it to keep working!) and I don't lose any more food I will post it later on this week. 

Has anyone else been trying out the whole meal planning thing?

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Lindsay said...

We plan ours out for a month (sometimes two) at a time. My husband only gets paid once a month so it helps being able to buy 90% of the food at once and then just getting dairy/fruit weekly. I'm also trying this month to put up some freezer meals since I have about 12 weeks before our second baby arrives.