Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids, Sand, and a Picnic

It's only the beginning of June and, besides last 3 days, it's felt like it's mid summer. 
We have been spending lots of time outside playing at the park and the beach.

Kallie loves watching the ducks play in the water and the seagulls trying to grab everyone's food.
Whenever she sees me with my car keys she asks me if we're either A) Going to the beach/park or B) Going shopping. 

This girl loves to shop. I think I've created a shopping monster! :)

At first Bronson hated the sand.
After a few visits to the beach he's discovered how messy and fun sand is! 
It's amazing how much sand can end up in one small boy's diaper!!

We've gone for two picnics so far this season and Kallie absolutely loves them.
Almost everyday she sets up a blanket and has a picnic with her dolls in the tv room. 
Bronson usually isn't invited to her picnics because likes to be destructive and throw all of her babies and food... typically boy! :)

I'm really looking forward the rest of the summer and all of the memories we're making with our little family. 

There's nothing better than an outing with your husband and kids!

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Marla said...

Looks like a wonderful day! And I completely agree....there's nothing better than an outing with your husband and kids! We just took a trip to an orchard on Monday! Our outings don't happen as often as we like, so we really appreciate and soak up the moments when we do!