Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recap of Bronson's First Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Bronson's first birthday with around 65 family and friends. It's an amazing feeling being able to celebrate the life of our little boy who doctors didn't think would make it past his first week of life. 

We never had a welcome home from the hospital party for him so this was more than just a birthday party. It was a celebration of life. 

In the next week or so I'll be putting up a post of how to make the bunting and marshmallow pops so check back for those! :)

I had a hard time cutting it down to the photos that I did... and there are still 16! 
It's a huge post but it's worth it for Bronson's party! 
We did it pot luck style for the meal and all of it was delicious! 
I also had a table set up with the cake (in the middle), assorted red, blue, and white candies, and marshmallow pops. 

With everything that Bronson has been through we thought that a boxing ring and gloves was appropriate because he really is a fighter. I found My Pink Cupcake online and Val did an amazing job!
The cake was french vanilla bean with white chocolate raspberry filling.
I love that the entire top of the cake was buttercream and only the decorations were fondant. I'm not a fan of cakes covered entirely in fondant. 
Go check out My Pink Cupcake's website HERE!

Bronson wasn't too sure about all the singing and a giant cake in his face but he still had an awkward a smile on his face

He wasn't too sure about the cake and was hesitant to put it in his mouth. 
It was his first experience with cake and icing but it didn't take long for him to like it!

Uncle Bryant couldn't wait to open the presents so he gave Bronson his present while everyone was still eating cake. 

Bronson had fun crawling around with his second cousin Jackson (if it's Jon's cousin's son that makes it a second cousin right?). I absolutely love Bronson's expression here!

Out of 6 family photos this one is the best. At least everyone is looking at the camera!

It was a great party and we had a great time celebrating with everyone! 

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