Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend: Out and About

Friday night we went out as a family for dinner. My stir fry came with chop sticks and I quickly opted for using a fork because I really suck at using them. As soon as I put them down Kallie had snatched them up and was trying to use them. She spent a good 5 minutes trying to pick up her carrots and french fries with the chop sticks and honestly, she probably did better than I did with them!

My front lawn was covered in dandelions. I say was because the lawn mower took them out but I know they'll be back in no time. I find it annoying that pesticides aren't allowed - sorry if you're an environmentalist but I really think that dandelions should be taken out with some super strong chemicals! Does anyone have any secrets to kill these things once and for all?

My sister was watching Kallie and Bronson earlier this week and she texted me this picture of them eating their spaghetti. Spaghetti and clothes don't go together! :) 

I love this picture! 
I didn't even edit it, it just happened!
While we were shopping at Home Depot Kallie and Bronson had a blast cruisin' around in their race car. It was Bronson's first time in a cart like this and it was all fun and exciting until he decided that Kallie's ponytail would make a good snack. She didn't agree and then I had to carry him to keep the peace. 

We had a great weekend working on projects around the house and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I hope this nice weather will be sticking around this week.

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

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