Friday, May 11, 2012

InstaFriday: May 11/12

I feel like this week flew by way too quickly!
All week I've been busy running around and getting ready for Bronson's 1st Birthday party. I feel so prepared it scares me because I feel like I'm forgetting something important. But, I'm 98% sure I have everything I need. I'll try and post pictures from his party on Monday or Tuesday so keep your eyes open for them! :)

Our golden doodle, Dupree, was desperately in need of a hair cut. I love his hair longer but this was a little too long. It was so matted and he has an ear infection so the hair around his ear stunk like it was nobody's business. So, Sunday afternoon I took him to the groomers...

He had to be shaved all the way down because of how matted he was but at least it's warmer weather out and he won't freeze. Plus, he doen't stink like he did before... although now that he's almost hair free he thinks he's a stealth dog and suddenly thinks he can get into anything he wants to and can bolt away before I see him. Since his haircut he's constantly been into the kitchen garbage, taking stuffed toys out of the kids rooms, and jumping up on my bed and couch to lay down. Everything he knows he's not allowed to do. I feel like I have an extra 2 year old running around the house this week!

Kallie loves to dance
She has a new move where she half squats down, sticks her bum out and shakes it back and forth while saying "wiggle wiggle". That move along with her singing "moves like Jagger" I think I'm going to be in trouble once she hits those teenage years! LOL

Here's the Birthday Boy! I still can't believe he's ONE already! 
I couldn't get him to fully smile for me so a little smirk/half smile had to do! 

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How was your week? What have you been up to?

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Katie said...

Visiting from InstaFriday! Your little ones are adorable. I wish I could see a video of those dance moves...she sounds like too much:) Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!