Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say that I was spoiled! 
Friday night my inlaws were watching Kallie and Bronson so Jon and I went out with a few people for dinner. It's funny how things change over the years because Friday night I found myself at my parents house raiding my sister's closet for something to wear! It used to be the other way around! I kind of want to keep the shirt I "borrowed" from her! :) 
(side note - the whole night I felt like I should be able to shoot bullets out of the large round gems on my boobs! LOL)

Look what I got from Jon and the kids for my birthday!
 I've wanted a bike for a while and was SO excited to get it! :)

With a bike I needed a double bike trailer so I could go out with the kids (excuses for a bike trailer, I know!). I was determined not to pay full price for one and found a last year's model on clearance at a sporting goods store. I love deals! 
So far, we've taken the kids out once in it and they loved every minute of it
I also love that I can use it as a stroller and go roller blading with it...now if I could only find my roller blades.

The picture is a bit blurry but apparently this company needs to hire a spell checker.
"Proper use of 5-point safety harness for tow chindren"

Last night Jon made me bacon wrapped chicken that was bbq'd on a cedar plank... YUM!
Then we finished it off with strawberry devil's cake. 

It was so nice having dinner with all of our family instead of how I spent my Birthday last year in the hospital visiting Bronson. It's just one more reminder as to how blessed I am.

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