Thursday, May 24, 2012

Faith Like a Child

I love how innocent children can be. 
They may not realize that it's rude to ask why someone is fat, how asking "why" every 60 seconds can drive someone crazy, or that it's not socially acceptable to ask the man next to them if he has a penis! ( brother when he was little). 

Little minds absorb more information than what we adults realize sometimes and that's why I want to make a point of teaching Kallie and Bronson about Jesus as much as I can. 

I've been reading Kallie a lot of "Jesus Books" (that's what she calls them) lately and it's amazing how much she takes in and remembers. 

She knows that Jesus was a baby and that he grew to be a mann and if you ask her where Jesus lives she'll point to her heart. 

About a week ago I was singing 'Jesus Loves me' with the kids and afterwards I said to Kallie, 

"Do you know that Jesus really loves you?", 
and her response was, "Thank Jesus, Oh Thank You Jesus!"

It's responses like this that make me realize just how much faith children have.

It made me ask myself, "Where would we be if we all had faith like a child?"

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