Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Poopy Mess of a House

I mentioned yesterday in my post that we had a flood this past Monday. There was a lot of water damage that has affected 2 levels plus our crawl space. 

Yesterday morning we were told that the repairs would be a big job and that it shouldn't be a problem to stay in our house with everything going on. Then, last night we were given the news. They found mold from a flood that must have occurred years ago before we bought our house and we're not allowed back into our home until Friday. Thankfully, we have some awesome family who are letting us stay with them! 

Even though this whole situation sucks I really can't explain how excited I am to be getting our bathrooms redone and new flooring on 2 levels!

This photo was taken Monday night a few hours after the flood. The flood happened on the level above and this is how much water came down stairs and then went down another level into the crawl space. Our insurance (thank goodness for them!!) was very quick to have a crew at our place and already ripping up flooring just hours after it happened. 

This is what we came home to Tuesday night. 
Remember the picture above this one? Well, this is the same room and the circle in the wall is where our tv is usually mounted. The flood originated above this room and they've had to remove everything to let it dry out. The only working bathroom is on the other side of this wall and, as you can see the giant hold in the wall, there isn't any privacy if you have to pee! lol 

This is my upstairs bathroom where the flood started. You can't see it in the picture but, half of that blue wall has been taken out. 

They ripped the flooring out of Kallie's room and covered everything. The master bedroom and Bronson's bedroom will also have the flooring ripped out eventually. 

We've been told that our house will be safe for us to live in again by the end of the week and things should be a little less hectic! 

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