Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embrace the Camera: April 12/12

Once again I'm linking up with Emily over at The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera. 

I took a ton of pictures over Easter weekend so check in tomorrow to see a few of them but, for today, here are two of me and my kiddos! 

The minute I bring out my camera Kallie starts staying "cheese". She then eagerly waits to see the picture on the screen. It's amazing how quickly kids catch on to technology! 

Bronson is stubborn and hates to nap for me. He can look absolutely exhausted (like he does here) but the minute I put him down to nap he starts standing and chatting away. I'm still adamant about giving him a nap every day because one of these days I'm sure he'll start liking them... right? I really hope so anyways! 


Steph said...

y'all are just adorable. :) hang in there with the nap thing - even if he never sleeps for them at least he'll be used to having a "rest time." but here's hoping the sleep comes soon!

Emily Kate said...

Cute babies! I feel ya about the nap haters..gotta lay them down anyway, momma needs a break!

The Anthony Crew said...

Thanks! My daughter loved her naps and he's totally opposite. It's crazy how different each child is!

Anonymous said...

What time does he go to sleep for you at night and what time does he wake up? I'm so sorry he doesn't nap. :)
I guess it would be mean to tell you that my 11 month old slept for 3.5 hours today and still went to bed at 8:00pm :)

lindsay said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Little Mudpies! You have an absolutely adorable family. I can't wait to check out more of your blog - I'm already crying. You are one strong Momma!! :)