Friday, April 20, 2012

Coffee Date: My House, My Job, My Show

If you were to come over to my house for coffee today I would keep apologizing for the mess in my house. 

The day before Good Friday I wasted spent my time doing 8 loads of laundry because after being away for the weekend I didn't want to come home to a mountain of dirty clothes. I got distracted and didn't get around to folding any of it.

 I planned to fold it all Easter Monday.

 Well, as you know, we had a huge flood on Easter Monday and while the insurance clean up crew was opening up walls to dry everything out they found mould and we got booted out of our house for 5 days. 

Remember all that laundry I planned to fold? 

Well, it sat in the room next to where all the mould was so I had to rewash it all (along with another week of clothing). Now, it's all folded and ready to be put away but half of my house is gutted and all of the bedrooms and hallways have no flooring, there are holes in the walls, and furniture is everywhere. It's a disaster! So, all of that laundry is still sitting in my living room. sigh. Reno's are hopefully starting in 1-2 weeks... I'm praying that they actually start then because I need some organization here!

After my house rant I'm sure that I would tell you how excited/scared I am to start back to work on Monday. It will be nice to have adults to talk to throughout the day but I'll miss hearing Kallie sing while she's on the toilet or yell "Bieber" as soon as she hears one of his songs. I'll miss Bronson getting into everything, and always wondering how he managed to get himself stuck under a new piece of furniture. Even though I have worries I'm still excited to get back into the nursing field.

I would probably also tell you that I miss having my PVR! My PVR is currently sitting in our half gutted tv room (it's literally half gutted - one half of the room has flooring, walls, and a ceiling, and the other half has plywood flooring, no drywall on the ceiling, and half of a wall missing so you can see anyone sitting on the toilet. 
Thankfully, I've found most of my shows online this week! 

Speaking of shows, there's only one more hour until Grey's Anatomy comes on! (I started writing this Thursday night). I love that show. I have a serious addiction. 

How has your week been? 

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

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Malisa said...

Hi Angela! I'm so glad you linked up with Alissa today for coffee. That's a bummer about the flooding of your house and how irritating to have to wash all those loads of laundry again.

I've been enjoying reading your story and about your family and babies. I am already encouraged by the incredibly challenging journey your family has endured. Thank you for sharing your story.

Jenalee said...

I'm visiting from Rags to Stitches coffee link up! I read the story about your son, and I'm almost in tears (of sadness, then happiness!) God is good!

Good luck going back to work!