Monday, April 23, 2012

Bronson is 11 Months Old!

On April 9, 2012 Bronson turned 11 months old. 
Better late than never for writing his 11 month update, right? 

At 11 Months old...

Bronson is using furniture to take steps and walk around. Last week I even caught him standing without holding onto anything in the playpen but, of course, as soon as I said "Yay Bronson" he looked startled and sat down! 

He is very vocal and his normal volume is around a 10. He loves trying to copy any noises that his big sister makes. 

He's eating mostly all cut up table food. His absolute favourite food appears to be mashed potatoes but will eat almost anything that's put in front of him. Oh, but do not try and take his food away from him because he'll let you know how mad he is over it!

About a month ago I started buying size 4 diapers for him but in the last week or two I've noticed that they're falling down all the time. I figured that mean that he was growing in length all of a sudden so next time I buy diapers I'm moving him back into size 3's. 

Jon took Bronson to his appointment at Sick Kids today and his weight is up to 18.5 lbs. I'm not sure what his length was but Jon said that the nurse said that he was a lot longer than his last visit. Bronson's made a lot of progress and he's now in the 20-30th percentile! 6 months ago he wasn't even on the growth chart and just 2 months ago he was in the 3rd percentile. I might talk about his percentiles a lot but I honestly don't care that much about them because I know that his length and height have consistently been moving in the right direction. 

Whenever Bronson hears music he will almost always start clapping. I love seeing that little boy clap because it's a reminder of how far he's come and what he's accomplished!

He consistently is sleeping 10-12 hours at night. He's started to nap a little bit longer during the day which has me very excited! For the last week or two he's been napping about 1.5hrs a day! 
Simply Wonderful!

There are still only 2 bottom teeth in Bronson's mouth but I think I can see a couple of top teeth coming in. I was told that because he was malnourished for so long before his transplant (his ascites made breathing difficult which made him burn a lot more calories - remember this?) that his teeth may come in a little bit later. But, there are a lot of kids who only have 2 teeth at 11-12 months so, as far as I'm concerned, he's on schedule.

Coming up to Bronson's 1st Birthday has had me thinking about his journey. So many emotions and life changing events happened in such a short time and looking back I can't believe some of the details of what unfolded. All I know is that we're more than blessed to have him with us today. 

2 comments: said...

Such proof of how faithful God is in answering prayer!!!! What a miracle Bronson is and what a testimony he certainly has. May God continue to bless Bronson, Kallie, you and Jon in all that you say and do. God Bless

The Anthony Crew said...

It most certainly is! Thanks! :)