Monday, April 2, 2012

All in a Day of Eating

I love watching my kids learn new something new. 
It could be watching Bronson crawl up 8 stairs for the first time or being proud of Kallie who's now on on her 5th day of no accidents and using the potty!
However small or big it is I love seeing the smile of accomplishment on their face. 
Last week Bronson had one of those "Aha moments". 

I have been trying for weeks and weeks and weeks to get him to eat solid foods. As soon as a solid food would hit his tongue he would start making faces, gagging, and throw up.
Eventually he started eating cheerios and I've been working sooo hard to get him to eat table food.
Last Wednesday I tried giving him carrots and he gagged and threw up everything he ate prior to the carrots. Well, Thursday came along and I thought that I'd try carrots and a little bit of pulled pork. And, guess what, he picked it up himself and kept shovelling in his mouth! 
No faces. No gagging. No throwing up!
Bronson eating his carrots and turkey... he was starting to fall asleep but kept shovelling that food in!
Ever since Thursday Bronson has been eating anything and everything I've offered him!
I don't get what happened over night to change his mind about solid food but I'm glad that he's finally eating it!

All in a day of eating.

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