Monday, March 5, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Leave your Baby Unsupervised

Yesterday I didn't even have to leave the room and Bronson got himself into trouble.

I was trying to find a video on YouTube for Kallie (she's obsessed with The Gummy Bear Song and The Monkey Song) and I turned to check on Bronson and he was missing. 

At first I panicked but then I saw his legs hanging underneath the Exersaucer and I literally laughed out loud. I couldn't find my real camera but thankfully my iPhone was within arms reach to get some pictures!

Learning Moment of the Day - Make sure your child's legs are in separate leg holes and not stuck in the same hole. 

Don't mind the spilled milk... he likes to make a mess with his bottle!


Catherine said...

LOL! Looks like Bronson was enjoying the game!

Mandy Marie said...

I LOVE the expression on his face !! Like ''hi mommy; i'm playing 'hide-n-seek' "" So cute !

One Practical Woman said...

At least he looks like he was having fun :)