Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Said GoodBye to Kallie's Soother!

Yesterday Kallie said goodbye to her her soother!

(it's only day 2 so I hope it's a permanent goodbye! lol)

After reading all of the comments and emails that you, my readers, sent me (thanks for them.. I love comments!) I came up with a plan.

iPhone Pic - Watching and waiting for Nanny and Papa
First of all I went through Kallie's room and made sure I found any hidden soothers but left her just one.

Then I found a big brown envelope and told Kallie go get the soother in her room.

We sat down on the floor and I told her that another baby needed her soother and that we were going to send it to him.
(ok, so I don't know any babies needing a soother but it worked anyways)

I opened the envelope, she put the soother in, and then we sealed it up.
That was it.

When I put her down for her nap yesterday I was surprised at how quiet she stayed and how quickly she fell asleep. Well, when I checked in on her she had a soother in her mouth! Apparently I didn't do the greatest job rounding them all up!

iPhone Pic

So, when bedtime rolled around I didn't mention the soother and just put her blankets in her arms (she has to sleep with 2 baby blankets in her arms), prayed with her, kissed her, and left the room.

She cried for 20 minutes and then it was quiet.


For today's nap I did the same thing as last night and within 15 minutes she was quiet!

I really hope this is the end of soothers for her!

So far it's looking promising! :)


MilitaryMomof2 said...

Where did you get those giant feet? I have been looking for something like that but haven't come across them! I was thinking about making some for the kids with tin cans that I saw on Pinterest.

Kat said...

I'm terrified about taking the paci away from ours! Looks like yours is going well - I might wait until she's closer to 2 before I do it.

The Anthony Crew said...

I don't know where they're from but I'll do some asking around to find out! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

From what I've heard by day 3 most kids have forgot about them but when she goes down for nap or bed she's asking non stop for it but I've been ignoring it and after 10-15 mins she calms down. BUT, every night since I took it away she's stripped down to just her diaper! lol I guess being naked is comforting?! haha! Good luck when you try it! :)