Friday, March 30, 2012

Shopping, A Princess Dress, and a Handsome little Man!

Sundays are busy around here.
 Jon has to be at church for 9:00am to help with set up and then worship practice (we go to church in a school and have to set up/take down every week) and then it takes us 40-45 minutes to drive to our church. We plan to leave (I say plan because it's usually more like 8:15) our house at 8am in order for Jon to get to church on time. Church doesn't start until 10:30 so I usually go shopping with the kids to kill time.
We recently switched Bronson from an infant car seat to a bigger car seat and now in stores he gets to ride in the cart with Kallie. Kallie usually isn't too thrilled about it because he likes to pull her hair... but that's life with a sibling!

Every single day when Kallie wakes up she asks if she can wear a "princess dress" and everyday I have to say no. Then, finally, a Sunday comes along and I can finally say yes to her princess dress!
 She loves her dresses!

Bronson is slowly learning to like eating solid foods. Usually he'll gag and throw up anything that's not cheerios but, this week I finally got him to eat some carrots and even a few small pieces of pulled pork!
Way to go Bronson!

Last Sunday afternoon Kallie and I ate outside on the patio. 
That's unheard of in March around here!
 She had to wear her sunglasses on her head like mommy and had soo many stories to tell me! 
I love one on one time with my kids!

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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Kristina Torrejon said...

visiting for the first time from insta-friday! What a cute little family you have! I'm your newest following :)