Saturday, March 31, 2012

Potty Training: Success!

This past week I decided to start potty training Kallie. I wrote about it here earlier last week. I didn't read any books about potty training, I literally threw myself into it! I don't know how many times I thought about giving it up and trying another time but I stuck to it and now she's pretty much trained! Yay Kallie!

Somewhere around October 2011 I started putting Kallie on the toilet to get her used to relaxing her muscles and going on the toilet. Since October she has probably gone pee on the toilet a total of 5 times so I wasn't too sure how this whole potty training business was going to go. I decided that for the entire week I wasn't going to go out at all during the day and really try and get her trained. It was a colder week so at least we didn't miss out on nice weather! 

First thing in the morning while I was changing Kallie's diaper I told her that we weren't going to use diapers anymore. I told her to say good bye to the diaper and then I took her to the toilet to go pee. After a good 30 minutes of sitting on the toilet and drinking her milk she finally went pee! The rest of the morning I was continuously handing her juice to drink and would take her to the toilet every 30 minutes to try and pee. She had a total of 3 accidents between 9am and 12pm. I put a diaper on her for her nap and then ended up leaving her in the diaper the rest of the afternoon. But, even with a diaper on she went pee on the toilet 2 more times. I know I had told her that we weren't going to use anymore diapers but I have 2 daycare kids in the afternoon and I wasn't feeling up to cleaning up puddles of pee with kids running through them all afternoon.

Tuesday morning started out with Kallie peeing on the toilet and then having 1 accident. But, around 10am, thanks to her dress up princess shoes, she started freaking out and crying because she had an open blister on her toe. I felt bad thinking about her having an accident and pee going on her open sore so I put her in a diaper the rest of the day but continued to put her on the toilet. She had a total of 3 successful toilet trips all day. By the end of Tuesday I had decided that I needed to buy a portable potty instead of just having a potty toilet seat. Then I wouldn't have to spend my entire day in the bathroom with her! 

photo source
This was the potty seat I ended up buying for $10 at Walmart. I was looking for a potty with the least amount of nooks and crannies where pee or poop could hide. This was the only one that Walmart had that fit that criteria. 

I was so glad that I had bought a portable potty for her! I wish I had started out with one in the beginning! Throughout the entire day Kallie had 2 pee accidents and 1 poop accident. Not too bad considering the day before she was in a diaper the whole day! 

First of all, she woke up dry! That's right, DRY! This was the first and only day that she's woken up dry but I was impressed! This was also the first day that she really started to catch on to the whole potty training. She had 1 accident in the morning but as soon as she realized she was peeing she stopped, started crying, and kept saying sorry. Whenever she's had an accident I've told her that it's ok and then put her on the toilet and tell her that the toilet is where her pee needs to go. 

Kallie went from 8:00am to 12:30pm with no accidents. I put a diaper on her during her nap but as soon as she woke up around 2pm I put her right back into underwear (Strawberry Shortcake underwear of course!). This was the first full day with absolutely no accidents!

Today (Saturday)
This morning we went out shopping and it was Kallie's first time out of the house since being potty training. I was going to put underwear on her but at the last minute I chickened out and put a pull up on her. We were out from 11am-3pm and she didn't have a single accident! Not to mention, she also went pee on her first public toilet... no stage fright at all! :) 

Kallie has mastered peeing on the toilet, now we just have to work on the pooping. It seems that when I put her in a diaper for her nap that's when she poops. Next week I think I'm going to stop the diaper at nap time and see what happens! 

I guess I can say that I'm half way there to having a potty trained toddler!


Catherine said...

Way to go Kallie!

One tip I learned from other moms was that I now carry post-it notes in my purse for public toilets with automatic flushers. They don't scare her but with her being so small and wiggly she sometimes triggers the flusher while she sits there and it splashes. Yuck!

You're a brave mommy to go without her diaper at nap. We're not there yet and potty training happened 3 months ago.

Lauren Farina said...

Ohhh, don't count your chickens just yet, Ang! Since he was 21 months old, Noah has been able to successfully go an entire day without a single pee accident, and he only pees in the potty. But he REFUSES to poop on the potty. He'll ask for a diaper, or he'll poop on the floor (as he did at my parents' house). That is not officially potty trained! They've gotta be doing both!

That is great she has caught on with the pee, but the poop is important too! And I can't figure out how to make Noah comfortable pooping on the potty. So I've given up for now.

I think it is kind of amazing that you attempted to tackle potty training without reading a single thing on how to do it! You are brave! I read one article, because I just had to have some semblance of a plan. I will try again (for the poop) when the weather warms up, because we're going to be doing a lot of naked time!

The Anthony Crew said...

Lauren - I actually meant to change the wording about having a potty training toddler but I got busy and forgot to change it before I posted it. I edited it to say that I'm half way there! :) That's great that Noah's been going pee on the potty since 21 months! I wanted to have Kallie trained before she was 2 but with Bronson I was just too busy!