Monday, March 19, 2012

Please Keep Your Poop Where it Belongs

Dear Kallie,

You are the smartest and most adorable little girl I know. 
Maybe even too smart. 
But, I'd really like to know why you feel the need to pull poop out of your diaper?
This habit has got to stop! 
I could understand if it only happened once but, one to two times per week is a little bit excessive.

Picking pieces of poop out of your shag rug was gross.
Finding pieces of poop in your bedding was disgusting.
But, finding poop on your fingers and in your Play Doh this morning was the worst.
It's really difficult to tell if the red play doh has black play doh mixed in it or if it's just poop.

Every time I find your hands and shirt and other objects covered in poop you say sorry,
but I'd love it even more if your sorry included keeping your poop in your diaper. 
I know that you're only two and you might not understand the entire concept of an apology,
but please please please try to keep your poop where it belongs. 
It would definitely make my life a lot easier. 



Bryant said...

This poop thing runs in the family I guess! Don`t worry Ang, all apes fling dung, its a way of saying I love you! I grew out of it at age 24!

Samantha said...

Oh Dear.. My little monster is going to be two in May... I hope she doesn't have the same facination at little Kallie.

MilitaryMomof2 said...

Dear Angela: I bought a new bedding set on the weekend. I didn't need a new bedding set. All the soap in the world couldn't get me passed the memory of walking into our bedroom and seeing Wyatt's poop smeared all over our bedding and duvet. It was bad enoiugh that he came to me in the morning with the poop he told me "he cleaned" out from his diaper. When I asked him why he wiped his hands on mommy and daddy's bed instead of his own, he simply responded "because that's disgusting." Take comfort in knowing - YOU ARE NOT ALONW!!

Lindsay said...

If its happening at nap or night time you may want to try putting her in a footless sleeper backwards. My daughters 17 months and we haven't had to deal with this yet but I've had several friends that have. Seems to be a stage around 2.

The Anthony Crew said...

Then it's a good thing that you're almost 25! LOL Poor Rebecca!

The Anthony Crew said...

It would be easier if it was happening at night but it's during the day! If I don't notice that she's pooped RIGHT AWAY then it's like she's uncomfortable and tries to fix the problem by pulling it out. I try and remember to put on a onesie but I've been putting her on the toilet and a onesie plus a diaper makes it hard to get her on the toilet quickly! This morning I literally walked out of the room to pour my coffee and by the time I was done she was covered in poop! For your sake, I really hope that your daughter doesn't do the same thing! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

Haha at least he knows that it's disgusting and didn't want to mess up his own stuff. Your poor bedding! If that happened to my stuff I think I'd go to bed imagining that I smelled poop regardless of how many times I washed it all! New bedding was definitely a must! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

I hope she doesn't either! Cleaning up poopy play doh was not originally a part of my things to do this morning! lol