Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday

I stumbled upon a new blog tonight called The Life of The Wife (check it out!). Every Thursday she does a fun blog link up called "The Last Thing Thursday"and today I thought I'd join in, so here I go!

The Last Thing I...

Watched on TV
was Breakfast Television.. well I'm not really watching it but it's on in the background right now!

was coffee!
I'm currently using a bag of coffee beans from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's coffee shop in called Coffee Cravings. If ever you're in Napanee, ON or going through and need a good coffee or latte then check it out!

was set up Kallie's Play doh Mr. Potato Head.
Every morning after breakfast she asks to play with her play doh. She loves the stuff!

was a picture I found of how to untangle a doll's hair with softener.
There are quite a few Dora dolls with crazy fro's in my basement that can now look presentable!

was Hands Up by Ottawan.
Whenever I take Kallie's top off I sing this song and she immediately puts her hands up for me!
Whatever works! :)
If you want a flash back of the song go HERE!

Laughed by myself
was when I was being humped by my dog at the park.
We have two dogs. A male Golden Doodle named Dupree and a female bich-poo named Georgia.
Neither of them are fixed.
We were planning on getting Gerogia fixed before she went into heat again.. but apparently we weren't on the ball and she's in heat. At the moment keeping my dogs separated is a full time job.
I'm going crazy!
The other day I thought that I would take Dupree with me and my kids to the harbour to get him away from Georgia. Everything was going great. Kallie was playing on the playground equipment and Bronson was chilling in the stroller.
Then it happened.
All of a sudden Dupree (did I mention that he's 75 lbs?) jumped up on me and started going to town humping. He somehow got his legs wrapped around me and I couldn't get him to stop.
It took everything in me to pull him down and then bribe him with a Tim Bit to get his mind off of humping!
Once my leg was free I laughed sooo hard and then wished that it was on video... or at least wished that someone else was there to laugh with me!

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