Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Another Day of Medications

A year ago I had a difficult time trying to get my 1 year old daughter to take a medication and actually swallow it. But now, giving medications is a part of my everyday routine and I'm ok with that. 

Some Mom's have jars of cookies. I have a jar of syringes in my cupboard!
At 4 months old when Bronson first came home from the hospital I felt overwhelmed with all of the medications he was on (he was born with cancer, received chemo and radiation, and had a liver transplant all before he was 2.5 months old - read his whole story HERE). Even though I'm a nurse I still felt like there were way too many things that I had to do every morning. 

At that time (the end of August 2011) Bronson was on:
- 6 medications through his NG tube once a day
- 1 med twice a day through his NG tube
- 1 oral med four times a day
- 1 IV med that I had to prep, hook up, run for an hour, unhook, flush, and then re-heparinize the line
- 1 IV med given every two weeks at Sick Kids

If I got up at 7am I would finally have Bronson ready for the day by 10am. 

Bronson was exclusively fed through NG tube for 3.5 months and at 3.5 months old he was just learning how to feed orally. Every three hours I had to prep his formula, run the NG feed, and then bottle feed him.

Just to give you an idea about how crazy life was then I was also going to Sick Kids once to twice a week which takes approx. 1.5 hours of travelling one way, and I had started back at doing home day care in the afternoons one month after Bronson was discharged from the hospital. Crazy, I know but I'm self employed so I wasn't able to take a maternity leave. Oh, did I mention that my kids are also 15 months apart? 

6 medications look a lot better to me!
By 3 months post transplant a lot of Bronson's meds began to be discontinued. WOOHOO! Bronson is now 7 months past the date of his transplant and my mornings are much more relaxed! I would say that I could almost do his meds with my eyes closed - but I won't because I'm 100% sure that I would not give him the right pills! But, you get what I mean, right?

Now-a-days all I have to do is:

- Draw up one med in a syringe and put it in his morning bottle
- Crush 4 pills and put them in his food at breakfast
- Crush 1 pill and put it in his food at dinner

To others this might sound busy but, compared to what my mornings used to be, I think it's a piece of cake. It just depends on your perspective! 

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