Friday, March 23, 2012

InstaFriday: March 23, 2012

We had a busy week and I took a ton of pictures on my iPhone! 
I really need to start getting back into the habit of taking pictures on my real camera but my iPhone is just so handy!

Here's what our week looked like:

Last Saturday my brother, Bryant, came home for a visit. We went to my parents to celebrate his birthday and, as usual, it was a fun get together!
In case you're wondering... he didn't turn 115!

Bryant gave Kallie a bubble gun for her birthday and with the gorgeous weather this week it's already got a lot of use!

We were outside every day this week thanks to the very warm weather! Yesterday I even put out my patio furniture! It's hard to believe that other years at this time we sometimes still have snow!

Me and my monkey enjoying the sunshine! :)

Five minutes before I took this photo there was no fog at all!

Along with taking out my patio furniture I also brought out the water table. Yesterday the kids had fun playing in the soapy green water and were soaked head to toe! Have I mentioned yet how much I've been loving this weather??

Look my Day Lillies are already coming up!! If the weather all of a sudden goes back to normal spring weather I hope they don't die. 

I just want to mention that if any of my readers have received spam emails from me yesterday or today please don't click on the links! I'm sorry if you received spam from me.. my email got hacked! I've changed all my info so it shouldn't happen again! Sorry!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!
Happy Weekend!

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Emily said...

I love all of your photos! :) And that water table looks like SO much fun! Have a happy Friday!