Friday, March 16, 2012

InstaFriday: An evening Walk

This past week has had absolutely gorgeous weather! We've been outside almost every day enjoying the sunshine. I live in Ontario, Canada so when it's 15 degrees celsius in March (that's 59 degrees F for you Americans!) it almost means wearing shorts. Ok, maybe not wearing shorts... but it's much warmer than normal and I love it! 

My husband recently found a conservation area near our home (I wish we knew about this place a couple of years ago!) and he wanted to show it to me. So, after dinner Thursday night all four of us went out walking. Once we got there I realized that I really looked like a "mom" and probably should have swapped out my skinny jeans for a wider leg pair when I put my running shoes on. Oh well, we were in the woods so no one saw.. except for you!

When Kallie was little I bought my Sleepy Wrap (now called Boba Wraps) with the intention of using it a lot. It was a great plan until I ended up getting pregnant when she was only 6 months old. Last week I was cleaning out closets and found my wrap.. needless to say, I've been doing a lot of baby wearing since. 
I know I said that it's been warm weather and in these photos I have Bronson all bundled up with a hat and mitts. It wasn't that cold out but he's been really sick the past two weeks and because of the immunosuppression drugs he's on it takes him forever to get over a simple cold/cough. He's finally starting to get better and I didn't want him to get chilly... hence the crazy winter get-up. 

I love this picture. 
(See the shorts... it really wasn't hat and mitt weather..Poor Bronson and his crazy over protective mama!)

Kallie has an obsession with ducks and birds. She was so excited when we stopped at this bench and saw a whole bunch of Canadian Geese. Look to the right of Kallie, there were about 20 geese just chillin' in the pond.

This is how excited she gets about birds! :) 

Not only did I have skinny jeans and running shoes on but it also looked like I had boobs that hung past my belly button. 
My boobs are neither this big nor this saggy. These are not my boobs. 
Bronson's mitts kept falling off so I stuffed his hands into the wrap. They were still warm and toasty by the end of our walk!

Jon decided to shave his head this week.. just for fun. I prefer hair. 
When I first saw his bald head it reminded me of five years ago (5 years ago next month to be exact) when he was going through chemo and lost all of his hair before our wedding. I can't believe that it's almost been five years. crazy. 

As usual, I've linked this InstaFriday post up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged
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Have a GREAT weekend! :)


Courtney Fillmore said...

Your family is adorable! Love the instagrams :)

Holly said...

Heheh I love the cute lion hat!

Dropping by from InstaFriday!

The Anthony Crew said...

Thanks! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

Thanks! :)

likeschocolate said...

Congratulations on your husband being so healthy. You children are darling!