Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goo Bath Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago I saw this cool bath product on 'Live! With Kelly' and wanted to buy the stuff. Then, Kallie's birthday rolled around and my parents just happened to give her a package of it!

Have you seen the Squishy Baff product yet? 
(by the way - this is not an endorsement and I'm not being compensated or paid! I simply thought it was a cool product and wanted to share!)

What kid wouldn't want to take a bath full of goo? 

After adding powder to your bath this is what your water turns into! 
Right Picture - Normal bath water
Left Picture - Squishy Baff water

Kallie loved this gooey bath and frankly, I couldn't stop my hands from playing with it! 
We had the pink colour, but it also comes in blue, green, and red. 
Seriously, how cool is this stuff?

Fill the tub with 6cm/2.5" (30 L/8 gal) of lukewarm water and sprinkle 1 pouch of the Step 1 Squishy Maker contents into the tub. Stir the mixture thoroughly and goo will start to form but the full transformation can take up to 5-10 minutes. When you're ready to turn the goo back into water you add the Step 2 Squishy Dissolver into the tub (the directions say you can add it while still in the tub). Like the transformation process, the dissolving takes 5-10 minutes. And, for those wondering, it doesn't stain your tub! 

I thought this was also a great product for a water table or sensory play. Yesterday I made up about 1/4 of the package (2 packages come in a box) and put it in bowls for the daycare kids to play with. It definitely kept them entertained however, next time I think I'll do it outside where the clean up is easier. 

 In Canada, I've only seen this product in stores at Walmart (I didn't see it on their website) for $12.99. I also found it online at (currently not available on 

Go get yourself some of this stuff, your kids will love it! :)

Have a Good Wednesday Everyone!


Anonymous said...

What is the dye made of ? Personally, I'm a bit leery of anything that absorbs into the skin-pores.. (But; I'm old-school)
Sure enjoy the updates on Kallie and lil Bronson.. They are such happy children...
Blessings to you all

Catherine said...

So cool! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring some for Hannah? ;o)