Monday, February 6, 2012

the weekend.

We didn't have an over the top exciting weekend or anything but, I thought  I'd share a few pictures I took with my iphone. :)
Friday night Bronson actually slept through the night.. I think he's on about night 6 of sleeping through. But, if you read my post Sleep... or the lack thereof last week then you'll know that I'll be lucky for him to sleep more than 7 nights in a row. 
Ok, I got off topic with my rant about sleep... I'll start again... Friday night Bronson actually slept through the night but, when he woke up at 7:30am it might as well have been 5:30am. I was sooo tired (maybe I'm just not used to a whole night sleep!) but how can a face like this not make you smile first thing in the morning?
Did you notice his 2 teeth poking through in the second picture? 

Saturday afternoon we finally got around to using our giftcards for The Keg Steakhouse (Thank you to the ones who gave them to us!). We usually share our food with Kallie but this time we decided to order something off the kids menu for her. The kids meals are huge there!
Before every meal Kallie always folds her hands while we pray and then yells, "A ME!" (amen). Sometimes during the meal she'll stop eating, bow her head, and fold her hands and pray again. It's so cute to watch!

Kallie and Daddy, and Bronson and Mommy. 

Sunday night we were at a church Super Bowl Party. This year the guys had their own party and the ladies (and kids) had their own party. Bronson and his cousin, Brooke, were playing together and crawling around. It was so cute and I wanted a picture of the two of them but, Bronson wouldn't stay still. This was the best that I could do.

What did you do this weekend for the Super Bowl?

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