Monday, February 13, 2012

To Do Today: Don't stress

I love to organize and plan. I love sitting down with my calendar and writing my to-do list, appointments, and any other lists I might come up with. I can't say that I always actually follow through with my plans (such as my plan to paint all of the trim in my house last week... I didn't even get as far as taking out the paint!) but, I try. I really do. With two kids under the age of two (until Feb. 25 anyways), and my daycare kids in the afternoon, things can be planned out all they want but, kids have a mind of their own. 

I'll admit (don't tell my husband that I'm admitting this) that I can be anal when it comes to cleaning the house. I have to continually remind myself that if something doesn't get done, or if someone leaves something out, I don't need to stress about it. 

I need to remember that sometimes stressing out isn't worth the effort.

I need to remember to tell myself to enjoy the time that I have with my kids while they're still little.

I need to remember that by taking the time to read a book with my daughter that it will make her smile. 

I need to remember that my kids won't remember if the house was a mess, they'll remember their mama playing dress up and having a tea party with them. 

So, today, I will make an effort to relax and not worry about how clean my house is.

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