Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things That Changed When I Became a Mom

I never drank coffee before I had my babies but, now I can't get enough of the stuff.

Re-heating my coffee (or tea) for the 5th time in one morning is normal.

I never ever think about leaving the house without a stash of diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, formula, snacks, juice, and an extra set of clothes for each child. 

Words such as delicious or tasty have turned into words such as yummy, yum yum, or mmm.

The Handicapped bathroom is my favourite (and only) stall that I use in public because I can fit my double stroller in it.

 I don't think twice about getting snot or boogers wiped me. (although I would prefer not to have a certain almost 2 year old try and stick her boogers into my nose when I'm not looking)

I used to find change in the bottom of my purse or the cup holders of my car but, now I get rich by finding change in diapers or bodily crevices. (I found 0.11 cents stuck into a leg hole of a diaper the other day!)

I am that mom who uses spit to tame my daughters hair. (only when I don't have access to a sink, ok?)

At the check out I always end up pulling soothers, hair clips, random Little People toys, a single (unused) diaper, snacks, and/or baby Tylenol out of my purse before finding my wallet to pay the cashier. 

If I'm driving by myself I would much rather drive in silence than listen to the radio. 
Finding Cherios stuck to my pants (more specifically stuck to my buttocks) is almost a daily occurrence.

I know the show line up of The Disney Jr. Channel like the back of my hand. (I don't always have the tv on but, I sometimes need a back up plan so I can get things done!)

I get really excited when one of my favourite celebrities makes an appearance on Sesame Street.

Listening to the Top 20 Hit List on the radio has changed to listening to myself sing (I can't sing for the life of me!) songs such as "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog". (Do you watch Mickey Mouse Club House too?)

When someone asks me how my sleep is I now have the same answer as Buddy the Elf (you know, the movie.. Elf) which is, "Great! I got a full 40 minutes!".

In the mornings when I wake up from my full 40 minutes of sleep (ok, I know that I get more sleep than that but it sometimes it only feels like 40 minutes!) I need a coffee to start the day but, I wouldn't trade my life of being a mom for anything because I am blessed.


Pam said...

Angela...thanks for the laugh...its so true all of it...Evelyn Wilson told me about you through one of her send prayers out for I have been following you through here...thanks so much for sharing your story I have been praying and seeing the results have been awesome...he is such a cute kiddie...and you and your family are so strong...keep going...Pam

Catherine said...

LOL! So blessed and yes, I completely understand where you're coming from! Yesterday I uttered the words, 'Hannah, you cannot lick your friends' and didn't even think a thing about it! Heh...the things we never thought we'd say or do!

I'm totally with you when it comes to Disney Junior. It's my 'go to' station for sure as I can turn it on and not have to worry about any of the content. Songs in our car flow between 'Jesus Loves Me' and the 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' song as easily as we flow between choruses at church on Sunday mornings!

Thanks for the chuckle!

The Anthony Crew said...

Thanks for all the prayers through out our journey! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

Haha we have the same licking problem at my house! What would we do without DJR? I don't think there's really any show (that I can think of right now anyways) that I don't like on that channel. Have a great day! :)

Catherine said...

You too! You don't know me but I believe we may have met once years ago at Brianna's 1st Birthday party. I'm a friend of Cathy and Wes' and I work with your Mom too.

I found your blog when the website was shared here at work after Bronson's template. After reading much of it I put 2 and 2 together and realized who your mom was. Small world!

Off to watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my sweet daughter! I love how much they teach on this show and what quality TV it is!

Have a great day!

MilitaryMomof2 said...

This was great Angela! I enjoyed reading it and getting a good laugh!!!