Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yesterday morning the weather was gorgeous! The sun was out and the little bit of now we had got a few days before was melting. After a good walk with the stroller I let Kallie play in the front yard. She loves to use her shovel just like her Daddy. :)

Kallie doesn't understand that thumbs are supposed to go in the thumb holes in her mitts, so she had some difficulty trying to keep the shovel in her hands and kept asking me to put it on her arm.

Bronson watched Kallie play from the stroller. I wanted to put Bronson in the snow and let him sit there but, he doesn't sit still and would have wiggled and ended up face first in the snow in no time. He'll just have to wait until next year.

"Help Mama". It always makes me laugh when kids can barely walk, let alone get up off the ground if they fall, in their snow suits. 

It was perfect packing snow for a snowman! I think the last time I made a snowman would have been when I was a kid. Kallie followed me around as I rolled each snowball. At first she thought they were for sitting on and kept saying, "Sit, Mama", while pointing to the snowball.
Kallie loves giving kisses to her toys, babies... and now snowmen too! :)

"Ello, No-man"- Translation: Hello Snowman

Our snowman was actually pretty tall! I'm not too proud of how his face turned out but, I only could work with what I could find in the garage because I didn't want to go through the hassle of bringing Kallie and Bronson inside just to find the perfect eyes, nose, and mouth for Mr. Snowman. 
Notice the dirt under Kallie's nose? I caught her eating a rock covered in mud out of my flower garden! Oh, speaking of flower gardens, I found green stems coming up! I'll take a picture of them tomorrow and post it in my InstaFriday post later this week. Do the flowers know that it's still WAY too early to be growing??

Mr. Snowman, Kallie and Bronson. Kallie was ready to go inside and wouldn't look at the camera anymore and Bronson was ready for a nap.

Immediately after I took this picture Bronson ended up face first in the snow/mud/grass. But, he didn't cry... he smiled! Typical boy!

Have a Happy Wednesday!!

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