Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleep... Or the lack thereof.

According to The Free Dictionary Online sleep is defined as:

a. A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli. During sleep the brain in humans and other mammals undergoes a characteristic cycle of brain-wave activity that includes intervals of dreaming.
b. A period of this form of rest.
c. A state of inactivity resembling or suggesting sleep; unconsciousness, dormancy, hibernation, or death.
2. Botany The folding together of leaflets or petals at night or in the absence of light.
3. A crust of dried tears or mucus normally forming around the inner rim of the eye during sleep.

I wish my sleep patterns fit that definition. 

I was trying to find a dictionary (like the Urban Dictionary ... speaking of the urban dictionary-if you want a laugh go to the link and type in your first name and see what comes up!) that had a definition of sleep for a mom with young kids but, I had no luck. Unless you're a mom, I don't think you truly understand the phrase "lack of sleep",

I miss my sleep. 

Kallie has been sleeping through the night since she was 7-8 months old, so I'm lucky there. But, Bronson goes through phases of sleep. He can sleep through the night for 6-7 nights in a row and then he decides that for the next 2-3 weeks he needs to be up 4-5 times every single night. 

Even though I feel like a walking zombie much too often,
I know that I am blessed. 
But, Bronson, please sleep!

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