Friday, February 3, 2012


Kallie has a new obsession with hats. Earlier this week she found one of Jon's hats and hasn't let it out of her sight. Over and over again she'll raise the hat off her head and yell "YEE HAW!".
 It's so cute!  I think she's seen Woody do it on Toy Story 3 one too many times! :)

On Tuesday we went outside and had fun in the snow and made a snowman. Three hours later the snowman had fallen over and 12 hour later he was the size of a snowball. The rest of our snow fun day can be found HERE.

Bronson is one of the happiest babies around. Well, at least 90% of the time anyways.
He has mastered his belly crawl and can move pretty quick now a days. He usually ends up under a table, chair, coffee table, or trying to eat wires or cords. With Kallie I hardly every used baby gates but, Bronson's only been crawling for a couple of weeks and I feel like I don't have enough gates around!
 He's into everything!

Wednesday I went out quick to grab some Soy milk for Kallie and saw this magazine in the line up. For some reason, I immediately thought of my husband and had to text the pic to him. LOL :) 

Thursday I was trying to get some things done and needed to keep Kallie occupied so this is what I came up with. In the bowl there are measuring spoons, a cup, medium sized wooden beads, and flax seeds. I would have preferred to have put corn kernels in the bowl but I didn't have any. All I had was a HUGE bag of flax seeds... so flax seed it was! At least they sweep up easily :) 
Kallie loved the activity and she's played with it quite a few times. 

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Have a wonderful Weekend!

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Marla said...

Love the hoodie that your baby is wearing. Adorable!

Living here where we are having about 70 degree days (which is nice I suppose)'s hard for me to imagine snow anywhere else! Haha. Looks like so much fun though! We got some good blizzards over the past 4 wears, but looks like this year we are just going to be unseasonably warm and rainy (which we really need the rain!).

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Holly said...

Heheh I love the photo with the hat - very cute!

I also love that you promote organ donation on your blog. This is something I feel strongly about too. I haven't read your son's whole story yet, but I am off to do that now. :)

Angela @ The Anthonys said...

Thanks! :)