Saturday, February 18, 2012

InstaFriday - Saturday Edition (because I forgot!)

Here's our week through iPhone pictures!
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I love grabbing a coffee or tea and going down to the harbour in town. In the winter I don't usually get out of my car because it's too cold, but in the summer it's gorgeous! On Monday it was super windy and the waves kept crashing up onto the pier. I was nervous sitting where our car was parked, let along where this truck was! It looked like the waves were hitting it but I think they were parked a little further back. Still too close for my liking! By the way, I didn't edit these two pictures at all - this is exactly how the sky looked!

I made some yummy vanilla cupcakes with Red icing for Valentine's Day. I didn't realize that I had ran out of icing bags until I was ready to ice the cupcakes. For the main icing I used a Playtex bottle liner with a hole cut in the middle (not the greatest because as soon as you use pressure to squeeze the icing a good amount of icing also comes out of the top of the liner - but it did the job!) and then I wanted to use red icing to write on them and draw hearts. I went through Bronson's medical supplies and came up with a 10cc syringe! My writing looked like a 10 year olds but, once again it did the job! LOL

We went over to my parents for dinner on Thursday Night. On the left is my sister, Sarah Beth, and Bronson, and on the right is my Dad and Kallie. My parents had just got back from Florida and gave Kallie and Bronson a few presents they brought back from Disney. Kallie got a cute Minnie Mouse doll (she's obsessed with Minnie!) as well as a Minnie Mouse purse. They got Bronson the CUTEST Buzz Light Year Pajamas... look at the next picture!

Here are his Buzz Light Year pj's! Aren't they adorable!! (Excuse the very tired looking Mama!)
The next morning when Bronson and I went to get Kallie up the first thing she said was, "Hi Buzz". LOL She makes me laugh!

On Friday I let Bronson have a pj day because I liked them so much! 
He's getting into everything these days. He loves pulling himself up on the patio door and looking outside.   I've also figured out a way to block off all of the wires, stairs and bathroom on our back level and Bronson just crawls back and forth down the hallway and has a great time exploring.

Look what I found growing in my front garden! The first time I saw them was actually 2 weeks ago (the same day I posted pics of our snowman we made.. remember?). I just forgot to take a picture of them, until this morning that is!

I hope your week was as good as mine! :)
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Nicolette said...

Great improvise with the syringe. Looks like spring is around the corner with those tulips buds until then keep warm :)