Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House Reno's - Kallie's Room and Closet

Before Bronson was born we renovated our (ugly) spare bedroom and made it into Kallie's room. I mentioned last week that I would share Kallie's room with you, so here it is! :)

A little before and after. Quite the difference!
This is what the room looked like when we bought our house. It needed a huge make over!
Sorry these pictures are so wouldn't let me make them any bigger.

My husband, Jon, works alongside with his brother, Mike, designing and installing custom closets, office spaces, wall units, and pantries for their company called Dream Space (check out their website for more pictures of what they do!). So, since my hubby is skilled like that, he did Kallie's closet. 
Kallie's closet was done in antique white. We can move the shelves and hanging heights if needed but, for right now she only needs shorter hanging spaces. 
Closet - Dream Space
Closet Curtains - Bouclair Home
Wicker Baskets - Home Outfitters and Winners

Kallie's Auntie Kare and Uncle Mike brought her to a local art studio and made this with her for her 1st birthday last year. 
I love it! :)

Jon also did a chocolate pear built in wall unit in Kallie's room. 
The shelves are great for storing toys and books. The heights can also be adjusted, or more shelves can be added in. 
The rest of Kallie's room, plus two adorable kids! :)

Jon also did our closet.. but it needs a little more organization before I share it with you! One day I'll tackle that job! 

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MilitaryMomof2 said...

WOW! What a transformation! Looks awesome!