Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crayon Juice Boxes, Pink Nail Polish, and a Bouncy Chair

Crayon Juice Box Anyone? Kallie has been using her Crayola Beginnings Stampers and her crayons as pretend juice boxes. I thought that this was pretty inventive! She's been handing out her crayon drinks to me and Jon all week and once we have it in our hands she raises hers up in the air and yells, "Cheers". Haha... oh toddlers!

Apparently 4 stampers weren't enough so she resorted to using mini kaleidoscopes instead. Yesterday she sat at the table for 30 minutes making up juice boxes! It's funny what activities can keep a toddlers attention for so long.

Last Sunday Kallie and I had a girls afternoon and I painted all of our fingers and toes. Every time we go out in public now she holds her hands out (like in the picture) and says, "See". She's so proud of her pink nails! :)

This week I've been going through baby gear and putting it up for sale on Kijiji. I'm ready to have more space in my house! As I was taking pictures of each item Kallie made herself comfortable in the bouncy chair! Not such a little baby anymore. 

I've been trying to be strict with Kallie's soother and only allow her to have it if she's in her bed but, sometimes she ends up finding one hidden somewhere. I'm afraid to make her go cold turkey and just take it away but, maybe that's the best way? 

How did you get rid of your child's soother habit? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks! :)


Justine said...
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Justine said...

Do the pacifier "fairy" trick. Tell Kallie that the pacifiers need to go to another little girl, put them in an evelope and have the "fairy" pick them up. The next day, have a surprise watiting for her. She'll be thrilled that they went to someone "new!"
I hope it works!

Natasha said...

Hey Angela!

My cousin is having issues getting his son off the soother as well. My Aunt told us what she did when her kids were younger is cut the end off, so that when son went to put it in his mouth there was nothing to suck on! He would then say "BROKEN". My Aunt would then say we cannot fix it sorry! He eventually just threw it out because it was broken! HAHA

Anonymous said...

I started by giving it only at nap and bed tine. Then at 18 months I took it away cold turkey. Within 3 nights she was over it. The bottle on the other hand took a lot longer!

The Anthony Crew said...

Thanks, I'll have to give it a try! I'm up for trying anything to get rid of that soother! :)

The Anthony Crew said...

A while ago I cut a small hole in the end but I didn't cut it entirely off. But, she kept using it and everytime she sucked it made a whistling sound and drove me crazy! lol I'll have to try taking the end right off!

The Anthony Crew said...

When I took her bottle away I did it cold turkey and it wasn't a problem... I 've tried that with the soother but I caved.. maybe I need to be a little bit more disciplined and refuse to give it back! :)

brooklin_mama said...

I did the pacifier fairy trick as well... we called the pacifier fairy, and she said she'd leave a present if my son left her the pacifiers... it worked really well, but he was closer to 3 when we did it. (He only had it at night at this point)