Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Valentine's Day Candy Jar

Valentine's Day is coming up and I needed something to store my candy in. I found this great craft on Dollar Store Crafts. I love cheap crafts and this is why I now love this website!  

The supplies for this craft cost me a whole $3.00!
(clay pot - 2/$1, Clay pot Tray - 3/$1, Glass Bowl - $2)

If you need to buy paint, paint brushes, and super glue it might be a little bit more but the dollar store has all of those items too!

At the bottom of this tutorial I also added a picture of a kid friendly candy jar that I did with my daycare kids last week.

What to do:

You will Need:
One 5 3/4" Clay Pot
One Clay Pot Catch Tray (sorry I forgot to put it in the photo)
Paint Brush
Super Glue
1 Wooden Bead
Plastic/Glass Bowl
Modge Podge - optional

Step #1 - Paint the clay pot and tray bottom and let them dry.
Before painting make sure to remove any stickers on the bottom of the pot.

Step #2 - Decorate the pots.
I decorated one of the pots but, I also did this craft with my daycare kids so I let each of them paint one by themselves using white paint and a paint brush. (fingers or sponges would work too!)

Optional - When the paint is dry paint the clay pot with modge podge and let dry.
 I used modge podge on 1 of the candy jars and didn't modge podge the other 2. 
I personally liked the modge podged finish the best. 

Step #3 - Paint the Wooden Bead. 
You only need 1 per Candy Jar.
I ended up having to do 2 coats of white paint. I didn't sand them before painting but if I were to do it again I would suggest doing that to make the paint stick better.

Step #4 - Apply Super Glue to the bottom of the glass bowl and place onto the upside down clay pot.
Make sure that the bowl is right side up with the hole at the top so you can put candy into it!

Step #5 - Super glue the painted wooden bead on to the top of the upside down clay tray.

Step #6 - Place the clay tray onto the glass bowl and you're finished!

I also did a Kid Version:
The only thing that I did differently for the kid version was that I used a plastic Rubbermaid bowl (284ml size) instead of the glass bowl. The rubbermaid bowls I bought came with red screw on lids - the lid is on in the picture but the clay top covers it perfectly.

I may have had red heart gummies in the candy jars ... but I might have ate them!

Enjoy eating your candy out of your new Valentine's Candy Jar! 

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