Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: This & That

This past week wasn't an especially crafty week. But, I'll share with you two projects I did and took cell phone pictures of. 

Last Friday night I helped my sister make a diaper cake for a baby shower she was going to. I've received diaper cakes but never made one before so this was a first! First of all, I want to mention that my iPhone didn't capture the colours very well because the flowers are hot pink (not red) and purple and the ribbon is a very vibrant purple (it's not as blue as the picture looks!)

 Through the middle of the cake there are 4 snack containers and a baby bottle piled on top of each other to give the cake more stability, and also as a little added gift. For every layer I took 5" wide pink organza ribbon, hot glued the edges, and folded it in half to made it 2.5" wide instead. It would have been easier to buy ribbon in that width from the get go, oh well! Then we added smaller piece of ribbon over top of the organza ribbon, hot glued jewels onto the ribbon, and finally added flowers and butterflies.  

For our first try we thought it turned out pretty good! :)

Yesterday we graduated Bronson out of the carrying infant carseat and into a big carseat (still rear facing though!). Someone was very kind to give us a brand new carseat for Bronson, you know who you are and Thank you once again! :)
The cardboard box was laying around the house and this morning before 9am (and before I had even drank my coffee) I got out the scissors and a knife and made Kallie a house. She loves it! I even added a window sill. :) I was thinking about painting it but then I quickly changed my mind once I really thought about it!  lol 

What have you been up to this week?

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