Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Saturday

I took pictures of everything we did on Saturday and I thought I'd share them with you!

I just downloaded the Adobe Photoshop Express App on my iPhone and this is the first time I've played around with it. Some of the borders (mostly the rounded ones) I wouldn't use again because they leave a black background. But besides those backgrounds I really like the app...perhaps even better than Instagram.

Jon had a quick appointment somewhere on Saturday morning, so Bronson, Kallie and I waited and watched a movie in the back seat of the van. It's not very often that Kallie gets to go back there so she was giggling the entire time! Bronson only sat still while I took the picture and then tried to wiggle/crawl on top of Kallie. Kallie wasn't too impressed, so to keep the peace I had to make Bronson sit on my lap and play with toys!

After Jon was done with his appointment we headed over to Chapters for the kids section and, of course, a Starbucks coffee. I LOVE the kids section in Chapters because they have lots of things to keep kids occupied! There's a play kitchen, wood table train set, giant tea cup seat, and tables with trucks and a lot more. Kallie spent most of her time playing sitting in front of the kitchen set. I'm not sure why she only wanted to sit on a stool, but it kept her happy!

...and there was a phone on the kitchen set. I probably spent a good 5-10 minutes holding my phone up to my ear and saying "hello.. goodbye" to Kallie on her phone. If ever I use a pretend phone on my right ear she will not talk to me until I change the phone over to my left ear. I have no idea why she's so picky over which ear I pretend to use, but it always makes me laugh!

A very nice lady who works at Chapters came over and asked Kallie if she wanted to join in story time with bells. Kallie loves to read and very quickly said YES! I was trying to find a link to the books she read but I can't find them anywhere, maybe I have the name wrong. But, there were two books and of they had a storyline that went along with ringing bells (possibly called "Jingle Books"?). They were super cute books and I was debating buying them, but I decided that I don't want need any more noisy items at my house! :)

Kallie found a GIANT stuffed Ice Cream Treat and kept taking bites out of it! She loves her ice cream... it's just too bad she can't have milk! (for some reason she's fine with yogurt, so she usually gets frozen yogurt instead). 

Time to Crash!

We were given a gift card for Five Guys Burgers and Fries for Christmas and decided it was about time we used it! (thank you to the person who gave it to us!) I love Five Guys Burgers... so delicious!

Burger anyone?

By the time we were done eating Bronson and Kallie were both ready to crash! So we dropped the Kiddies off at my parents house and went out on a much needed date!

The last time Jon and I went out on a date was somewhere in August! 
Once again, we had Christmas gift cards for a movie and dinner. (Thanks for the gift cards - you know who you are!)
 We decided to go see Mission Impossible 4 and we both loved it. It wasn't as serious as the previous Mission Impossible and had a really good storyline. I would definitely recommend going to see it!

 After the movie we went to The Keg to eat, but they don't take reservations and when we got there it was a 60-90 minute wait. It was already 7:15pm and I was starting to get tired and neither of us really wanted to stand there and wait that long. So, we cut our night short and went back to my parents to pick up the kiddies. Since we hadn't ate dinner we were able to grab some stew my mom had made for dinner. Not exactly The Keg steak dinner we were planning on but I absolutely LOVE stew! 

We had a great Saturday out as a family! I also had a wonderful time out with my hubby...even though we didn't get our dinner date!

 Maybe next weekend?!

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