Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy Friday! 
As I always do on Fridays, I'm linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged.
Here's a peek at our week through Instagram photos.

For over a year I've been doing home daycare. Usually I bring Bronson downstairs with kids but I keep him in his bumbo and I don't let him crawl around because I don't want him to get stepped on or trampled. Yesterday, I decided to be brave and let him crawl around and explore with the other kids. I literally turned my head for one second and when I looked back he was halfway into one of the play tent tunnels!  

 He loved crawling back and forth and turning around in the tunnel. It was so funny to watch his eyes get big with excitement as he moved and the tunnel fabric made funny noises. 

Finally, after a solid 8 minutes of playing inside the tunnel, he stuck his head out! But, no sooner did he stick his head out and he was back crawling and on another adventure! 

Yesterday at 2pm it wasn't snowing and our lawn was green. Three hours later our front yard looked like this! So much snow! Kallie had fun watching Jon shovel the snow and kept waving to him with excitement! 

Lately, whenever I'm in the kitchen doing something Kallie will run in and say, "Help MAma, Help", and then pull a chair over to the counter to help me. She's my little kitchen side kick. Well, I was peeling potatoes for our roast chicken dinner and before I knew it Kallie was eating a potato and saying "Mmmm Mama, Apple". Apparently she like the taste of raw potatoes because whenever I would look away she'd pick up another potato and take another bite! 

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Holly said...

Your children are adorable! Looks like that tunnel was fun! :)