Monday, December 5, 2011

{santa clause parade}

This past Saturday my sister, Sarah Beth, and I took the kiddies to the Santa Clause Parade. We live in Ontario, Canada so it's usually freezing for parades, however, this year the weather was great. (for you warm climate people - when I say "the weather was great" I mean I didn't have to wear a hat, mitts or scarf because the temperature wasn't below zero!)

Bronson didn't pay attention to the parade, but he was full of smiles like usual!

 Our church had a float in the parade and Kallie got all excited when she saw Jon go by on the float playing guitar. 

 Once I took Kallie out of her stroller she got more excited about the floats going by. Kallie and Sarah Beth had lots of fun waving at everyone going by!

Sadly, we didn't stay to see Santa. Kallie doesn't really understand the concept of Santa yet, and Sarah Beth and I didn't want to wait for 40 more floats to go by to see him. I'm sure this is the last year I'll be able to get away with leaving before the 'big guy' comes by!

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