Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do What's Best for Baby

I was reading updates on twitter this morning and came across a tweet by @parentsmagazine with a link to an article called Home Birth - I Don't Get it by Jill Cordes. I know that this topic can be quite controversial and I don't want to get into a debate over a home birth vs. a hospital birth. However, I do know that there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to labour and birth.

Kallie, May 2010, 2 months old
Even with the best prenatal care you still don't know 100% that you will have an uneventful birth or a healthy baby. Case and point: my pregnancy with Bronson. My pregnancy was uneventful with no morning sickness (sorry I'm one of "those people" who don't get sick while I'm pregnant, yes, you can hate me for that!), other than a 24 hour flu bug there was nothing else significant to report. All of the ultrasounds were completely normal. But, we still ended up with a baby who was born with cancer. 

Everyone's experience with labour and delivery is different and no one can say that their 'method' is better than the next. I saw a post on a friend's blog called, 'The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Parenting Experts', and I think they said it the best, and that's to do what's best for the mother and baby.

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A. E. said...

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Tanya said...

Hi, coming over to you from InstaFriday. I completely agree...each mom has to do what's right for them. For me, I'm very happy that I delivered in a hospital because I don't think my daughter would have made it had it been a home delivery. Hours of labor led to her being "stuck" and an emergency c-section.

Angela @ "The Anthony's" said...

Personally, I'm all about being in the hospital and getting the epidural and being as "comfortable" (but, really, what's comfortable while you're in labour?!) as possible. I always wanted to do a home water birth but after my experiences I think I'll pass! I think people who do it natural are amazing! I know I would NEVER be able to do that! I'll stick with my drugs thanks! :)