Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Giveaway: My Memories Suite 3 Digital Scrapbooking Software!

I'm excited to do my very first blog giveaway!
I receive emails all of the time from companies and individuals asking me to review and giveaway their products. I don't believe in promoting or giving away a product that I don't have a personal interest in or a use for. I love scrapbooking (although I haven't done as much as I would have liked since my kids have been born) so this was a no-brainer to say yes to! 

First of all, I think that digital scrap booking is much easier than traditional scrapbooking because you don't have to worry about printing your photos or remembering to buy that specific embellishment in that particular colour to match the page that you half finished 6 months ago. At least that's the way my scrapbooking goes. 

My Memories has a very easy to use digital scrap booking software called My Memories Suite 3. It's user friendly and very easy to navigate around the software. There are already made templates you can choose from and then all you have to do is click and drag your photos to where you want them. If you don't like something in a template you can change, move or delete it or even create your own template.

The software is also formatted for use with both a PC and a Mac. I'm a Mac user so that was a must! It also comes with a TON of themed kits for Christmas, birthdays and the everyday kind of things. You can also purchase kits or there are free kits you can download.

Here's a little bit of what I created:

I wish I had heard of My Memories Suite a month or two ago because you could easily use one of the templates, export it as a JPEG file, send it to a store to have printed, and then mail it out as a Christmas card! Or, think of all the birthday party invitations you could do!
This one was a pre-made template and all I did was add in the Merry Christmas and a photo. The tag portion already had a text box in it. 

I love these pictures of Kallie! I think she was around 6 or 7 months old here.
 I made this template myself. I found a background I liked, a lace embellishment, some swirls and added a quote and I was done. How easy is that?

 I also made this template. Once again, I found a background, swirls, ric rac, and a quote. Even if you're not that great with computers, this software is so easy to make your own templates with!

 Here I took a pre-made template, deleted some items, added some items and voila. My finished product!

As a special for my blog readers My Memories will give you $10 off the purchase of My Memories Suite Scrap Software and another $10 off for the My Memories Store! Just copy and use the following coupon code at the check out:

Now for the Giveaway!

I'm giving away one free download for the My Memory Suite 3 Digital Scrapbooking Software, a $39.97 value! 

For one entry all you have to do is go HERE and tell me what digital scrap booking kit is your favourite below in the comments. The winner will be chosen at random. 

Contest Closes on Thursday December 22, 2011 at 5pm. The winning name will be posted by Friday Dec. 23/11 at the bottom of this post.

For additional entries you can:
Like the My Memories Facebook page HERE
Follow My Memories on Twitter HERE
Follow me on Twitter HERE

Post a comment for every entry and state what method the entry is for (fav scrap book kit, fb, twitter).

****After picking a Random Number The Winner of the My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software is..... Cheryl
(Cheryl - send me an email at


Evelyn Wilson said...

how do you pick just one.. these are beautiful but i think i would go with the a day of thanks...
you are doing an amazing job on your blog .. merry christmas

evelyn wilson said...

i also liked their facebook page.. cant do the twitter.. dont have

Cheryl said...

It's so hard to choose, I like them all! The colours in Bright Christmas are really cute, though!

Chery said...

I also follow you on twitter... the colourfix berrylicious and lilac would be awesome to scrapbook my daughter's first year!

Ilse said...

I don't scrapbook, but I've always wanted to, and have been thinking, "someone should invent digital scrapbooking, that'd be a good start for me..."
I love the scrapbook pages you've made, you make it look easy!
From the website, I love the 'frosty pages vol. 2' collection.

Ilse said...

I 'liked' the page on fb too...:-)

Samantha Baggs said...

There's so many to choose from, but initially, I'd choose a baby girl theme such as the baby girl brag book or the baby mine girl pack to capture moments of my 19 month old daughters life thus far! :) I'm also getting married this coming may, so a wedding album will be a must in my future!! Great job on the blog... your family is truly an inspiration!!

Darlene said...

My favourite digital scrapbook kit would have to be Butterfly Fly. I see Butterflies as a symbol of God. We start out as a caterpillar crawling and trying to find a place of safety in this crazy world we live in. Upon finding a safe leaf or branch we build our cocoon (as a Christian it would be Jesus on the cross) We stay wrapped in His loving arms as we cross the threshold of our sins and of trials and tribulations. As we come out a butterfly, we Fly all over the world to bring His amazing love and stories of what it was like as we were in our coccoon. Everytime I see a butterfly, I see redemption from God and salvation and freedom for all of eternity!

Angela said...

Just headed over here after watching you on 100 Huntley Street..blessings dear family. May God be gracious to you and yours this Holy Season and bless you and make His face shine upon you all. amen amen amen