Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We had a fun Halloween, despite it being cold (who am I kidding, it's always freezing on Halloween). Last year Kallie was too little to go door to door but this year she loved it! Every door we went to she would yell "Tra Tree", interpretation = trick or treat! She was more interested in the pumpkins than getting the candy. Bronson stayed nice and warm in a baby wrap I was wearing and ended up falling asleep during our walk around.

My pictures didn't turn out the greatest because neither of my kids would stay still long enough for my camera to focus and take the picture. But, here's what I managed to get of them in their cute little costumes! 

Bronson's 1st Halloween!! Forget candy, leaves are more interesting!

I tried to get a cute picture of Bronson and Kallie together and this was all I could get! The one on the left they kept rolling opposite ways. The one on the right Kallie wanted to hold Bronson in her arms but as soon as I moved away she pushed him forward - notice my hand in the corner trying to catch him and take the picture at the same time! 

 My Cute little Duck!

Where's Kallie?

My adorable little puppy!

Kallie and her cousins, Mikailee and Brooke, going door to door.

Kallie ate a Smartie and was covered in red dye. She hates her hands being dirty so she was following me around waiting for me to clean her up!

Kallie and her Auntie Sarah Beth who took her to every door! To be honest I think that Sarah Beth had more fun than the kids! 

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Mallory said...

Stopping by from Top Mommy Blogs. Their costumes are adorable! I live in Florida and it was actually a little cool this Halloween for a change. We are usually sweating by the end of the night.