Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monthly Update: Bronson's 6 months old and Kallie's 21 Months old!

*edited to add Bronson's 6 month weight*

I've been doing monthly updates of Bronson but I'm not sure why I haven't been doing Kallie as well. I don't want to be leaving her out so I'll be doing an update about her along with Bronson every month.

This time I'll start with Kallie.

Kallie at 21 Months old (as of  November 25/11)

    • In the last couple of weeks I can't get over how much her vocabulary has grown! She's now putting together three word sentences. A few examples are: Oh my Daddy, eww stinky baby, duck duck goose, no more mama, no my juice. My favourite one is when I go to change her diaper and she doesn't want to lay down for it she says "no, my poop" or "no my pee". 
    • She's starting singing "A,B,C". So far it stops at C but we're working on the next three!
    • I've been putting her on the toilet once a day for a couple of weeks now. She hasn't gone pee or poop on it yet, but she thinks it's hilarious that when she toots it echoes in the toilet bowl.  (Yes, her daddy is proud of her! haha). She will now toot and clap her hands and cheer. It's a start! Maybe if she keeps this up she'll start pooping on the toilet before peeing?
    • I don't know her current weight or height, but about a month ago she was 24lbs. (yes, she's petite). 
    • She's wearing size 4 diapers.
    • Climbing stairs is now a thing of the past. Walking up stairs like a grown up is the only way to do it.
    • She loves playing with her kitchen toys and will walk around the house with her pink oven mitt on with a rolling pin in hand, and a play tea pot in the other hand. She loves making pretend food and making everyone take bites of it. (I think Santa needs to bring her a whole kitchen set!). 
    • She loves using Bronson's baby swing, jolly jumper, and exersaucer for her dolls and, of course, elmo and grover.

    Bronson at 6 Months old (November 9, 2011)

    • He can now roll from his stomach or back onto the left OR right side. (last month he could only go to the right side.)
    • When on his stomach he can now slowly turn 360 degrees.
    • Regardless of how many times I flip him onto his back he will only sleep on his stomach. 
    • He loves playing with stuffed animals such as his Tigger or Simba. 
    • He can find his soother in his bed (if it's close to him) and put it into his mouth the right way.
    • He thinks it's funny when I sniff his bum to see if his diaper is dirty. 
    • He loves watching tv and is glued to it when it's on.
    • His PICC line has been gone for 2 weeks and is now line free! WOOHOO!
    • He was sleeping through the night but for the past 2 weeks he's been consistently waking up at 4-5am. sigh.
    • He's getting rice cereal 1-2 times a day, but since he's been waking up at night I think I'm going to start him on some pureed vegetables with hopes of him sleeping through the night!
    • Wearing size 2 Pampers.
    • Weight - 13.5 lbs
    I was only going to put up 2 pictures of Bronson for his update but the sequence of these pictures made me laugh. He was so determined to get that paper!

    By the way, do you like the new look of my blog? We had some amazing photos that were provided by The Tiny Light Foundation and were taken by an awesome photographer Misty Dawson Photography & Design. I thought I needed to update the banner at the top of the page with some current photos where Bronson doesn't have any tubes on his face! :)


    Ainsley said...

    I've been reading your story since Bronson was born and I am amazed at how far he has come. What a blessing!

    Angela A. said...

    Thanks! :)