Friday, November 25, 2011


It's InstaFriday again! Our week wasn't very exciting and we didn't get out to do a whole lot (mostly because I had a butt-load of laundry to do!) so most of my pictures are just from around the house. 

Here's our week review through Instagram photos!

 Last week I said I wanted to paint our ugly pink walls in the tv room - and I did! The picture isn't the greatest, but the walls are "Dolphin Fin" gray. I bought the paint back in March and I thought it was more of a richer, deeper colour than what it actually was. I was a little disappointed once I started painting, but it's better than a pink room!

 Sweet Kallie!

 When I went to get Bronson up from his nap I found him with no pants on and his arm half out of his shirt! T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

 Look at those lips!

 This morning he was hanging out in my bed as I got ready.

 Kallie loves getting in the shower with me. She brought her stool over to the tub, climbed in, and laid down with her horses and was yelling, "shower, shower!"

Playing with her food. 

See that meat ball (or "eat balls" as Kallie calls them), Kallie ate ELEVEN of them for dinner! Plus, her carrots and broccoli!

Kallie giving her broccoli kisses. She kept saying "oh no" every time she ate the top of the broccoli and only had the stem left.

Kallie eats her apple slices like they're oranges! 

I left the room for literally 2 seconds and came back to find Dupree cuddled up next to Bronson on his blanket! Whenever I take Dupree's blankets away and hide them (I hate dog blankets because they smell) he goes and either takes the kids blankets to lay on, or I'll find him laying on my couches or my bed - neither of which he's allowed on normally. He just likes to cuddle!

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Angel said...

Lovely collection! You have the sweetest family :) Cute blog too!
Stopping by from InsaFriday :)
~a @

TheUnSoccerMom said...

your babies are so cute!

love your doggie too.

Everyone has their tree up! I've got to get hopping! :o)

Angela A. said...

Thanks! :)

@ The Unsoccer Mom - There's still plenty of time for your tree! It's not even December yet! :)