Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get your Immunizations!

It's that time of year again when the flu, colds and other illnesses are making their way around. This year I'm all about making sure everyone gets their flu shots.

In past years I was always against getting the flu shot. I never really ever got sick and thought I didn't need the extra "stuff" from the vaccine floating around in my body.

Then I had Bronson.

In the past couple of months I've learned the real purpose of vaccinations. First, picture a herd of elephants (yes, a herd of elephants!). When danger comes along all of the babies, weak and sick elephants gather together and the rest of the herd, those who are healthy and strong, form a circle around them protecting them from the impending danger. Vaccinations work sort of the same way. By the healthy and strong people receiving and staying up to date on vaccinations they are keeping the dangerous illnesses away from others who are immunosuppressed, weak, or those who can't receive immunizations for medical reasons (allergies etc).

After receiving a liver transplant Bronson will be on immunosuppressants his entire life, thus making him a perfect target for sickness. By the people around him getting immunizations he has a better chance of staying healthy.

I know that the topic of vaccinations is always up for debate. But, if it was your child who was immunosuppressed don't you think you'd want to do everything you could to keep him/her healthy?

Find out when there's a flu shot clinic at a pharmacy near you by clicking here!

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