Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our week in Review

Today I took Bronson to Sick Kids for a check up. In a nutshell he's doing great and there aren't really any concerns! We're going to start trying to do all his meds orally and (I'm hoping) in the next 2-3 weeks his NG tube will be gone!!!! I can't wait! Almost every night, no matter how much tape I use to secure it, he pulls it out and then I have to fight him in the morning to put it back in. I want that thing gone for good! Also, his daily IV med that I've been doing ends this week and in the next little bit (depending on how much blood work is needed) his PICC line will be gone as well! All the extra lines/tubes are finally going to be gone!

This past Thanksgiving weekend had gorgeous weather and it was nice to spend time with family. It was also nice to have a day at home to do absolutely nothing. We have a bar in our basement and I've been wanting to repaint it for a long time. I bought paint and sanded it all down last fall but I haven't got around to finishing it. Well, Monday I finally got around to completing my project! I took before pictures and I'll take after pictures and post them later on this week. We don't use the bar but it's built in so it would be more of a pain to remove it. It's in our playroom and I wanted to be able to make it functional, so I used black chalkboard paint on the front and side of it and then an oil based paint on the top of it. That way the kids can use it as a chalkboard but, when it's wiped clean it just looks like black paint. Perfect.

Here are a few pictures from our week...

Cutie Pie! 

Every morning I get Bronson dressed in his bed and Kallie always wants to get into his crib and lay beside him while I dress him. It also results in some cute pictures!

Kallie loves hugging Bronson... I didn't even tell her to hug him!


Kallie saw me raking the leaves and wanted to copy me. I might be biased, but she's so cute!

Where's Kallie?
(The sad part is that the majority of the big tree on our yard is still mostly green...so there will be a LOT more leaves to rake...sigh...)

Bronson all wrapped up after his bath.

My happy little sockless boy!

4 days short of being a big 5 months old!!

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