Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Boy Babcock

I wrote a blog post in August called Planning For a Miracle. In case you don't remember it was about a lady, Cindy, I had met at Sick Kids who was pregnant with a little boy, and this little boy was going to need a liver transplant after birth. Well, Cindy's due date is coming up (Nov. 1 I believe I read) and they are currently searching for a live liver donor. In September they were able to find out that the baby's blood type is B (you can read her blog post here about that) which means that a live donor can be either type B or O blood types (the positive or negative doesn't matter).

Their baby has been diagnosed with OTC (ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency) and the only cure for the baby is to have a liver transplant. You can read about their treatment plan for the baby here.

They have started a Facebook group for the baby called Baby Boy Babcock - Liver Transplant Needed. If you are interested in more information, or would like to apply to be a live donor, there are forms posted on their Facebook page.

As the baby's due date gets closer please keep this family in your prayers and continue to pray that the delivery will go as planned, that they will find a live donor, and that once the baby is born he will remain stable until a liver transplant is done.


Anonymous said...

We are following a little baby Jacob too who has cancer in Ottawa.Jane Storey knows the family.Wish you would pray for him too as he is in chemo and radiation and is one year old.Love to all of the Anthony family and other families with these concerns.Fran Knott

Angela A. said...

Thanks.. we will keep him in our prayers! :)

Heather Fess said...

Praying for this family!! Believing for a live liver donor asap!

Judy Anthony said...

Wow. What a Blessing from God. So enjoyed following Bronson's journey. God is so Good. We have a grandson, Caleb, who was born the same day as Bronson. They are distant cousins but definitely look much alike. They are even about the same size. We will continue to remember him in our prayers. Too bad we didn't get to see you folk at the reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed it. God Bless.

Angela A. said...

Judy - Yes, too bad we didn't make it to the reunion but Bronson was still in the hospital at the point and it was a little hectic! There's always next time :)