Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Flies...4 Months Old Already!

It's such a blessing, and a miracle, to have Bronson home. Each and every day I feel so blessed to be the one who was given the task to be his Mom. I love watching him smile and start to laugh. I love watching my daughter, Kallie, talk with Bronson and pat his bum gently and say "shh shh shh" when he's crying. I love the little grunts he makes for no apparent reason (although they can be annoying hearing them through the baby monitor constantly in the middle of the night!). I love how the tv can calm him down (typical male). I love how sometimes he just wants his Mommy and no one else seems to have "the touch". I love watching him laugh and smile at Kallie. I guess I just love my family!

Bronson is doing GREAT! I was at Sick Kids with him this past Monday for a check up and his blood work was wonderful. His incision looks amazing and, I think in a year or two it will hardly be noticeable! He's been eating like crazy and has started to gain quite a bit of weight and is up to 10.5 lbs. I know that doesn't sound like a good weight for a 4 month old, but he was VERY under weight because of how sick he was and is now finally starting to pack on the pounds!  He's getting better at holding his head up by himself... still a little bit wobbly but he'll get there! A couple of times in the past week I've even seen Bronson roll over all by himself!!  He's being seen by a physiotherapist because of how much his health issues put him behind, but as I said before, he is making progress and he'll be up to where he should be in no time!

Next week Bronson goes for an ultrasound and then a check up at the Oncology clinic. Even though a month ago the scan showed that there was no trace of cancer in his body I still get a little nervous before he has these check ups. But, I'm sure everything will still be cancer free!

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Laura harmon said...

Oh Ang you and Jon have been so brave and faithful through this all. May God continue to bless you throughout your journeys